Dawson Lane RCI Group was founded in 2004 by Emmett Lane and Kevin Dawson. They have taken a small dream of building a few homes a year to one of the top 10 builders in Washington in 2009. 

Dawson Lane RCI Group has constructed over a dozen housing developments in the past 7 years.  Emmett and Kevin believe in hard work, honesty and reliability.  This isn’t a just a business this is a way of life and they understand the impact they have on people and families that purchase their homes.  This will be the place where people retire or raise their children and create memories of a lifetime.


Emmett Lane started out as a real estate agent over 20 years ago.  When he first started out he enjoyed the experience of assisting people in finding the home of their dreams.  

Kevin joined the ranks of real estate agent in 2001 where he met Emmett who was working as a listing agent for new construction.  Kevin and Emmett hit it off and this is where the dream began.  They built their first house in 2004 and experienced success and accomplishment.  From there, they continued to build homes slowly, a few at time learning what they needed to grow their business successfully. 

To this day they have built homes in the following areas:  Marysville , Issaquah, Everett,  Snohomish,  Bothell , Mountlake Terrace, Ballard, Lynnwood, and Brier.

Emmett and Kevin understand the importance of building quality homes and have put their names and reputations on the line to prove it.